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12.11.06, 14:42:22

MP020 - Thank you for your support! 1 year anniversary! This is episode 20

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Thank you for your support by listening to my humble podcast show. Mr Phipson's incredible Podcast was founded in november 2005, that's one year of broadcasting dope ass tunes. It is amzaging what you can do today with internet technology, it does't matter in what area of the planet you are, everybody is able to tune in to the incredible podcast. This is what i call democrazy, no country boarders sending from Berlin to the rest of the world. I want to say thank you to you, to my listeners and especially those who tuned in the beginning. It is such a fun for me preparing my brazilized funky whatever is dope music. Episode #20 features again a variety of interesting music, not forgetting the roots of jazz, let me count we got, breaks, jazz, latin, bossa nova beats, brazilian beats, hip hop from US, Portugal and FInland, little Baile Funk Carioca part (thanks to MAN Recordings for the Promo CD), drum'n bossa, reaggaeton, meregueton. You know it's just music, fuck those genres. I hope you enjoy this mixture of tracks, by the way if you need to know any tracks, just send me a mail and ask for it. If you think your music would fit into my show, send me your tracks. I am always happy to check out new stuff.
Shout outs to my man Flako Kwatro, Favelectrica Crew São Paulo and Miro my neighbor from Finland for supplying me some of your tracks.
Visit my website http://www.mrphipson.de to stay up to date with all features.

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