Mr Phipson | urban musique for urban souls Sportive Baile funked up jazzy audio joints digged out of the digital and analogue crates.

Sportive Baile Funked up jazzy audio joints. Berlin based Mr Phipson presents you an urban mixture of tunes from the past and future. Bossa Nova, Jazzed Up Beats, Electronica, Tropicalectro, Brazilian Beats, Tropicalia, Rare Grooves, Afro-Latinized Funk, Drums\'n Breaks, Drum\'n Bossa, Deep Beats, Baile Funk, Hippy Hoppy and other funky oddities. From the good old times back in the days to the era of dual processor powered favela funk. The sound of shantytowns worldwide from underground to Roots Jazz and all the good things inbetween. Stay open minded, discover krazee urban soundtracks and tune in to Mr Phipson\'s incredible Podcast!

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04.06.18, 05:21:33

MRP-030 Mr Phipson is back

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After many years ze MRP returned. There's a new website soon www.mrphipson.com so forget the old .de one which was taken by some shlumpiz. I am happy to announce MRP-030, a fresh episode with deep beats, brazilian classics, brazilian boogie and some surprises. You know how it is on Mr Phipson's incredible podcast, this is how we do it. There will be lots of new things in the future. Biiiig ups from Germany. Thanks for your support and spread the word.

03.06.18, 19:48:51

New website - new mix ready

After many years - MRP is back. I registered a new domain which is www.mrphipson.com the .de is history :) I prepared a new mix which will be available next week. Yeeees this is ain’t dreaming it’s real. More interesting stuff coming at‘cha. So keep supporting mr phipsons ncredible podcast.

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21.05.17, 21:54:03

Mr Phipson is back in biz

After years not hearing m-m-m-m-mrphipsonnn I have to announce that I am back in ze game. I am playing next Friday at the jazzkeller Frankfurt if anybody is interested for a dance session.

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22.08.12, 01:24:16

MRP029 - Deep House session

Download (27 MB)

Deep House Session and beyond for Soup Sessions Radio.

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11.02.12, 05:15:29


Download (23,9 MB)

Dubstep live mixin. PT1 of a l ive radio mix for Mashed Potato radio back in 2010. All live, lifey lifes all goody YO!

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