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12.10.06, 16:39:05

MP-018 All mixed up.

Download (87,2 MB)

I think that Domo Kun Monster is so fresh. This episode features a bit of wild stuff, all mixed up in the crew. Brazilian Beats, brazilian oldschool samba, hippy hoppy, minimal berlin style shit, drum'n bossa, latin funk, Grime and lots more. Ah, i forgot to mention the Berimbau, berimbaus are my favourite brazilian instruments, i just love the sound. This mix reflects my open-mindness so tune in to the incredible Podcast series and join the afro-latin-brazilian-berlinized audio adventure.

Here is a short tracklist:

01 Kure Kure Takora - theme song from japanese TV
02 Jazzanova - sub-atlantic
03 MED/Quasimodo - the exclusive
04 Quinto Andar (Shawlin & De Leve) - Pra Falar De Amor
05 Flako (Kwatro) - Instrumental #153
06 Stanton Moore - Stanton hits the bottle
07 Willie Bobo - Roots
08 XRS Land feat. Caio Bernardes & Fernanda Porto - Caionagandaia
09 Zuco 103 - um coco
10 Stereotyp feat. Edu K & Joice Muniz - Uepa (new release on MAN Recordings from Berlin, thanks to my man Daniel Haaksmann, the Berlin Baile Funk Maan)
11 Butane - ? (this is the shit berlin people love to shake their asses in those filthy bum-tschak underground clubs)
12 2 Dollar Egg - Module Shaker (Tomie Nevada remix)
13 Now the bass - DJ Oddz
14 Skepta / The End
15 Gal Costa - Sebastiana
16 Orlan Divo - Palladium
17 Seu Jorge - Mania De Peitão
18 Praful - Inspiração
19 Oh no - Cut Session Feat. DJ Romes (Big ups to my man Till for ze shoutouts)
20 Berimbau playing in a roda de Capoeira ?
21 Berimbau - Celia Cruz (A very different version of this known track
22 Paulinho da Costa - Berimbau Variations

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