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15.02.07, 17:18:25

And the T-Shirt winner is...

What a pity, just a few people took part to win the T-Shirt.
Well I proudly announce the winner, Patrick from a little town in Germany won the shirt and two buttons. The second price will go to Warren from Brooklyn, NY - some buttons for you mate.
I just returned from Lisbon, Portugal. I really had a wonderful time there and met very nice people, thanks to Mister Tambourine, Edu and Susie and all the other friends for the hospitality and good vibes. You all should give Portugal and Lisbon a visit, very goody goody. Valeu sangue bom pra tudo.
Be prepared for the next episodes which will come soon. We are going back to the jazzy roots of brazilian music and lets see what's going to happen.

Me in Portugal at Souk Club

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