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13.04.08, 01:26:14

MP-027 Conjo Enchilada

Download (86,4 MB)

Yeah, biiiiiiiig upsssss! A new podcast again for 2008. This time finally we have a one hour long mix again. Hip Hop, Deep Beats, Brazilian roots, Drum'n Bass and much more. All Phipsonized again. As you know the podcast is about what I like and feel connected with…I hope you like it and can follow me. Check my art stuff where I dedicate lots of time: www.stickathing.com
Shout outs to Tyler Straub (www.myspace.com/tylerstraub) and to Sinistarr (www.myspace.com/djsinistarr86 ) that supplied with some really nice Drum'n Bass. Also shout outs to Doug from BluntBeats.com HQ.

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  • tomi
    August 23, 2014, 15:50
    great show

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