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21.02.07, 02:49:25

MP-023 The happy people!

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The happy people issue! Get prepared for a funky mixed juicy salad. A happy episode with lots of oldschool samba, jazzed up latin joints, brazilian beats'n cuts, drum'n bossa, hippy happy hoppy, Kuduro and all the goodys. It's all good and there's always hope out there. It's just another Mr Phipson joint.
Shoutouts to Mr Tambourine and Edu from Samba do crioulo doido and Favelectrica crew of Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you have tunes for me or questions about the podcast holler at me. It's all good.
Download MP-023 tracklist!

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  • Mr Tambourine
    February 24, 2007, 22:16
    Shoutouts received my man.

    Garoto Maroto Travesso!!
    Ask Luciana about this.

    didn't hear it yet, busy day, you might know why. But I'm putting everything in my ipod to listen when i'm ther in africa.


    I loved the illustration.

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    February 06, 2020, 22:40
    I will check this episode. You have such a great website! Happy episodes are the best!

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