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Sportive Baile Funked up jazzy audio joints. Berlin based Mr Phipson presents you an urban mixture of tunes from the past and future. Bossa Nova, Jazzed Up Beats, Electronica, Tropicalectro, Brazilian Beats, Tropicalia, Rare Grooves, Afro-Latinized Funk, Drums\'n Breaks, Drum\'n Bossa, Deep Beats, Baile Funk, Hippy Hoppy and other funky oddities. From the good old times back in the days to the era of dual processor powered favela funk. The sound of shantytowns worldwide from underground to Roots Jazz and all the good things inbetween. Stay open minded, discover krazee urban soundtracks and tune in to Mr Phipson\'s incredible Podcast!

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04.10.07, 22:02:30

MP-025 It was all good

Download (27,6 MB)

Big ups to my crew. I am back, again. A 30 minute breakdown issue for you peeps out there.
The upcoming podcasts will be shorter and around this lenght. Thank you still for your support and occasional nice email feedback.
This episode starts with on my favourite brazilian songs "abre alas". Explore this little episode which also contains broken beats, instrumental hip hop and many other funky oddities.

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07.08.07, 13:30:08

Mashed Potato V livecast with Mr Phipson

If you want to bypass the time for the MP-025 podcast you can check my mix number V for the MashedPotato Livecast that I do with JazzDJ. It is available at the MashedPotato podcast that is listed in the iTunes music store.
Here is the direct link for the mix!

Check out our podcast on iTunes here!

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03.06.07, 07:26:14

DJ Zezinho Baile Funk ZZ (special guest mix)

Download (20,3 MB)

Big ups to Zezinho that supplied me with his mix. This is original Funk Carioca from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Zezinho is an active Funk Carioca DJ from Rocinha. This mix is a Megamix of recent Funk tracks plus some older goodies. If you want to check the sound of the favela kids you better check this one out. Where you get it of course on Mr Phipson's incredible podcast. Serving the community since 2005. So bounce to ze ounce and let the bass roll.
Check out Zezinhos MySpace profile on:

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28.05.07, 17:33:08

MP-024 Smoked Out Issue

Download (84,9 MB)

Special dedication to Jazz DJ. Check out his stuff on http://www.jazzdj.co.uk
All the jazzy goodies in one melting pot. All kind of forms, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian, Hippy Hoppy, Deep Beats. This is the smoked out session after Flako's smoking allowed session. If you like it, just holler a me. Be prepared and check it out.

The tracklist for MP-024 can be downloaded here!

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11.05.07, 15:01:14

Flako's smoking allowed sound adventure (Special Guest mix)

Download (56,3 MB)

Big shout outs to Flako that supports this podcast with an incredible mix. He dropped another fresh mix. Hip Hop meets its roots and other funky goodies. If you always wonder where those cats dig out their samples, check out this mix. Flako is a very talented beat head, so don't miss out to check his profile on Myspace. CHeck out also his first mix on my podcast!

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