Buttons are back! Limited edition of Mr Phipson buttons on stock now.

17.12.06, 06:18:03 von mrphipson
Dear listeners,
buttons are back, there are new Mr Phipson buttons with the round and juicy logo on it, orange and blue. Choose your favourite button or get both blue and orange or orange and blue or... .The Size is 37mm (about 1,5 inch), nice and neat.
It is ? 1,50 for the unit or ? 2,00 for two. Shipping will be ? 2,50 worldwide, no matter where you live. Show your support and fetch one ore two buttons and demonstrate your musical attitude. If you are interested you can contact me via hallo (at) mrphipson.de and pay via paypal.

Heap of buttons

MP-021 Are you ready?

11.12.06, 03:49:12 von mrphipson
Be prepared for another episode of Mr Phipson's incredible podcast. A lot of latinized jazzy beats, bossa oldschool tunes, brazilian beats'n breaks, baile funk, hippy hoppy, instrumentals, electronica, northwestern recife beats. Enjoy this episode it's maybe the last one for this year. For any track information just contact me.
A peaceful december for all listeners...Thank you for supporting this podcast. Shout outs to all international listeners.

Tracklist MP-021

01 Cesar Mariano / Futbol de bar
02 Art Blakey / Cubano chant
03 Nebulosa / Tenorio JR
04 Sergio Mendes / Roda
05 Upa neguinho / Edu Lobo and Gian Francesco Guarnieri
06 Rhodesian Girl / The Pan-Atlantics
07 Gold Jungle (Tribe) / Madlib the Beat Konducta
08 Tuareg / Gal Costa
09 Egyptian riddim VS Rah Rah - Girls Town
10 Ei Gringo ta perdido / Favelectrica
11 Nordestina / Dj Dolores e Santa Massa
12 A bit patchy / Switch
13 Cleck cleck boom / Voltair
14 Desce Glamourosa / Veronica Costa
15 Sex O Matic / Edu K
16 oldschool Breaks pitched to 45 rpm - DJ Rectangle
17 Tito's Colada / Tito Puente
18 Mambo Inn / Cal Tjader
19 Copacabana - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
20 Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic) / Madlib the Beat Konducta
21 The Payback / Madlib
22 Omid / Prefuse 73
23 Esquadrao Zona Norte / Terror Na Conduta "Guerra 2"


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What a nice evening in Vorwien Bar - next gig on Dec. 15, 2006

02.12.06, 18:29:06 von mrphipson
Well, just wanting to let you know that it was very pleasureful night yesterday. Playing the typical Phipson stuff, urban musique for urban souls, from Brazil to Hungary, with a jazzy funked up touch as you know from ze Podcast.
My friend Tobi Backhaus supported the gig and played wonderful pandeiro and cajon, giving the beats the right punch.
Later on we even stopped the music and just used cuts and scratches together with the pandeiro and cajon, very amusing, especially after three Cuba Libres and 6 beers, ha ha.
I am playing there again on December 15, 2006. Vorwien Bar, Skalitzer Str. 41, in Berlin close to Metro Görlitzer Bahnhof.
On the Flickr pager there are some impressions so have a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrphipson

Vorwien Bar

MP020 - Thank you for your support! 1 year anniversary! This is episode 20

12.11.06, 14:42:22 von mrphipson
Thank you for your support by listening to my humble podcast show. Mr Phipson's incredible Podcast was founded in november 2005, that's one year of broadcasting dope ass tunes. It is amzaging what you can do today with internet technology, it does't matter in what area of the planet you are, everybody is able to tune in to the incredible podcast. This is what i call democrazy, no country boarders sending from Berlin to the rest of the world. I want to say thank you to you, to my listeners and especially those who tuned in the beginning. It is such a fun for me preparing my brazilized funky whatever is dope music. Episode #20 features again a variety of interesting music, not forgetting the roots of jazz, let me count we got, breaks, jazz, latin, bossa nova beats, brazilian beats, hip hop from US, Portugal and FInland, little Baile Funk Carioca part (thanks to MAN Recordings for the Promo CD), drum'n bossa, reaggaeton, meregueton. You know it's just music, fuck those genres. I hope you enjoy this mixture of tracks, by the way if you need to know any tracks, just send me a mail and ask for it. If you think your music would fit into my show, send me your tracks. I am always happy to check out new stuff.
Shout outs to my man Flako Kwatro, Favelectrica Crew São Paulo and Miro my neighbor from Finland for supplying me some of your tracks.
Visit my website http://www.mrphipson.de to stay up to date with all features.


Download MP3 (101,7 MB)

Comments and background information on the last tunes

06.11.06, 16:08:46 von mrphipson
Hello dear Mr Phipson supporters,
it was time for another plain info cast, you'll hear some background infos on the last episodes and beyond. Also you'll find out whats the deal about that furry thing on some graphics i use.
Check it out, by the way the background loops are taken by Flying Lotus new 1983 record and Jazzanovas ...Broadcasting EP. Worth to checked out.
Stay tuned with Mr Phipson's incredible Podcast.
I just realized, that i said "DJ Sticky from Puerto Rico", I meant he is from Domenican Republic. Sorry for the mistake.

Download MP3 (7,9 MB)

Mr Phipson now on Flickr!

04.11.06, 14:29:36 von mrphipson
Hello friends of ze incredible brazilized incredible podcast series.
There is a new feature for Mr Phipson, i created a Flickr account so you have some impression about my person and beyond. As a starter feature you find some pictures of my humble studio, for the techy interested people.
Enjoy the podcast series.
Here is the URL:

MP-019 Barraco Breaks - Rio Baile Funk

22.10.06, 15:19:23 von mrphipson
Baile Funk massive, cuts antigos and new tracks straight from the morros of Rio. Some tracks really sound handmade, do it yourself style, there's definately some Tunes that makes your booty bounce. I wonder how people climb up to their barracos when they live on top of the favela. I call this session »Barraco Breaks«, you call those little house on the favela hills like that.
Stay tuned with Mr Phipson for the freshest Baile Funk Carioca and tune in to the incredible podcast.

Download MP3 (53,3 MB)

MP-018 All mixed up.

12.10.06, 16:39:05 von mrphipson
I think that Domo Kun Monster is so fresh. This episode features a bit of wild stuff, all mixed up in the crew. Brazilian Beats, brazilian oldschool samba, hippy hoppy, minimal berlin style shit, drum'n bossa, latin funk, Grime and lots more. Ah, i forgot to mention the Berimbau, berimbaus are my favourite brazilian instruments, i just love the sound. This mix reflects my open-mindness so tune in to the incredible Podcast series and join the afro-latin-brazilian-berlinized audio adventure.

Here is a short tracklist:

01 Kure Kure Takora - theme song from japanese TV
02 Jazzanova - sub-atlantic
03 MED/Quasimodo - the exclusive
04 Quinto Andar (Shawlin & De Leve) - Pra Falar De Amor
05 Flako (Kwatro) - Instrumental #153
06 Stanton Moore - Stanton hits the bottle
07 Willie Bobo - Roots
08 XRS Land feat. Caio Bernardes & Fernanda Porto - Caionagandaia
09 Zuco 103 - um coco
10 Stereotyp feat. Edu K & Joice Muniz - Uepa (new release on MAN Recordings from Berlin, thanks to my man Daniel Haaksmann, the Berlin Baile Funk Maan)
11 Butane - ? (this is the shit berlin people love to shake their asses in those filthy bum-tschak underground clubs)
12 2 Dollar Egg - Module Shaker (Tomie Nevada remix)
13 Now the bass - DJ Oddz
14 Skepta / The End
15 Gal Costa - Sebastiana
16 Orlan Divo - Palladium
17 Seu Jorge - Mania De Peitão
18 Praful - Inspiração
19 Oh no - Cut Session Feat. DJ Romes (Big ups to my man Till for ze shoutouts)
20 Berimbau playing in a roda de Capoeira ?
21 Berimbau - Celia Cruz (A very different version of this known track
22 Paulinho da Costa - Berimbau Variations

Download MP3 (87,2 MB)

Melo do breakydown - Baile Funk dual processor powered berlinized favela breaks

06.10.06, 18:15:05 von mrphipson
Melo do breakydown. Baile Funk meets electro and becomes bailectro, ho ho ho.
Fuck we got a new term, Bailectro. Yes people this is the berlinized backyard flavoured Favela Funk.
Did you know that there are many subgenres in Baile Funk, e.g. Montagens, Proibidao (forbidden tracks) etc.
You find many tracks called "montagens". They are medleys of different tunez, many popular tracks will be mixed in one, if i am wrong let me know. Shout outs from Berlin to Rocinha and to all other "morros".

MP-017 September Highs

19.09.06, 23:18:29 von mrphipson
Summer is passing by, let's reminisce and think about all the good vibes we had in summer. Do you remember the Grill? The football playing on the praia. Ai Selecta, dis one is a nice selection. Headz, Hippy Hoppy, Dub, Raggamuffin do Brasil, Baile Funk, Puerto Rican and latin flavours, Bossa Nova and Drum'n Bossa. Brasil, Favelas, Morros, Cuba, Jamaica the States, Africa, tunes from all over our funky world. So many different cutz, stay open minded and tuned in to all the audio adventures of Mr Phipson's incredible podcast.

Download MP3 (72,5 MB)

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