Mr Phipson Mashed Potato radio liveset issue 1

05.04.07, 16:02:02 von mrphipson
This was recorded live off Mashed Potato radio stream at April 1st, 2007. Only in 64 kb quality, but it has its charme. Well me and JazzDJ will do a livecast every first sunday of a month. All the goodies inside you know from Mr Phipson, so check this episode out if you missed to listen to the radio stream. Click on Radio NovaLujon to find out more about Mashed Potato. It's all good, so give this one a listen, it was all live streamed from my place in Berlin via London. Mashed Potato will broadcasting for 4 hours and me and JazzDJ have each 2 hours of pure pleasure playing time.

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