Mr Phipson is back in 2007 - Win a Baile Funk Shirt and find out 'bout Kuduro music from Angola

26.01.07, 04:19:27 von mrphipson
Big ups from the crew - oh lord have mercy. Mr Phipson is fresh for 2007, the sound story continues. More beats and funky tunes for the people all over the world.
Win a unique »Baile Funk« T-Shirt. Yellow print on black American Apparel shirt, size Medium plus two little humble buttons. If you want to get it just send me an e-mail until 1st of february 2007 and write what you like about Mr Phipson's podcast and how you found about it. The listener of the most funky story will get the prize. Send an E-mail to »hallo (at)«
Next episode will feature some crazy Kuduro music from Angola and Lisbon, incredible beats, tellin' ya. Be prepared and stay open minded.

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  1. rinos sagt:
    pity i missed this contest...

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