Mr Phipson #1 - From Soul Funk to Baile Funk

02.12.05, 17:45:52 von mrphipson
The first Podcast From Soul Funk to Baile Funk, Berlin based Mr. Phipson streams jazzed up electro tunes paired with Bossa Nova and Rare Groove Classics, presenting urban Beats from around the globe.

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  1. cece sagt:
    Do you have a playlist anywhere for #1. There are a few tracks I am dying to know what they are. The ones I recognize as drum and bass samples particularly.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Mr Phipson sagt:
    I don't have the playlist anymore but tell me the time for the tracks that you want to know, then i'll check it out for you.
  3. cece sagt:
    I did not think you would respond so fast. The songs are classics I know but they are at 21.30, 26.45, & 35.20. I appreciate the information.
  4. Mr Phipson sagt:
    #1 Take it easy my brother Charly - Jorge Ben Jor >>> There is also a Drum'n Bass Remix on Mr Phipson #8
    #2 Berimbau - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 >>> See also the Capoeira Berimbau special on Mr Phipson #5
    #3 Jorge Ben & Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela >>> After this track you also hear an Drum'n Bass Remix on Mr Phipson #1

    Hope i could help you out!
  5. CECE sagt:
    Thanks. I really love those songs. I know the dnb versions by markie and such but never did too much research. I love the sets you put together.
  6. Alex sagt:
    Mann mann diesem mix habe ich die langweiligste grillparty auf erden aufegmuntert....

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