Melo do breakydown - Baile Funk dual processor powered berlinized favela breaks

06.10.06, 18:15:05 von mrphipson
Melo do breakydown. Baile Funk meets electro and becomes bailectro, ho ho ho.
Fuck we got a new term, Bailectro. Yes people this is the berlinized backyard flavoured Favela Funk.
Did you know that there are many subgenres in Baile Funk, e.g. Montagens, Proibidao (forbidden tracks) etc.
You find many tracks called "montagens". They are medleys of different tunez, many popular tracks will be mixed in one, if i am wrong let me know. Shout outs from Berlin to Rocinha and to all other "morros".

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  1. rinos vagabundos sagt:
    lovely, baile funk from berlin :-) its yours?

    just to let you know i havent forgotten mate, but ive been busy lately.. ill send you some good stuff soon aight, beleza!

    greetings from rio
  2. Mr Phipson sagt:
    Hi Vagabundos,
    yeah i did the baile funk berlin thing, looking forward to hear from you.

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