DJ Zezinho Baile Funk ZZ (special guest mix)

03.06.07, 07:26:14 von mrphipson
Big ups to Zezinho that supplied me with his mix. This is original Funk Carioca from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Zezinho is an active Funk Carioca DJ from Rocinha. This mix is a Megamix of recent Funk tracks plus some older goodies. If you want to check the sound of the favela kids you better check this one out. Where you get it of course on Mr Phipson's incredible podcast. Serving the community since 2005. So bounce to ze ounce and let the bass roll.
Check out Zezinhos MySpace profile on:

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MP-024 Smoked Out Issue

28.05.07, 17:33:08 von mrphipson
Special dedication to Jazz DJ. Check out his stuff on
All the jazzy goodies in one melting pot. All kind of forms, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian, Hippy Hoppy, Deep Beats. This is the smoked out session after Flako's smoking allowed session. If you like it, just holler a me. Be prepared and check it out.

The tracklist for MP-024 can be downloaded here!

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Flako's smoking allowed sound adventure (Special Guest mix)

11.05.07, 15:01:14 von mrphipson
Big shout outs to Flako that supports this podcast with an incredible mix. He dropped another fresh mix. Hip Hop meets its roots and other funky goodies. If you always wonder where those cats dig out their samples, check out this mix. Flako is a very talented beat head, so don't miss out to check his profile on Myspace. CHeck out also his first mix on my podcast!

smoking allowed.jpg

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Next sunday Mashed Potato with JazzDJ and Mr Phipson feat. special guest Flako

01.05.07, 15:54:00 von mrphipson
I am happy to announce another mashed potato radio live session. It will be every first sunday of a month, the show starts this time at 19:00 London time or 20:00 Berlin time, so be prepared and set your clocks and tune in to this incredible livecast. I will start the session and feature a friendly guest. Flako will show his favourite tunes and beats, check out his profile! We are going to play for 2:30 hours so lots of time presenting you fresh things. I am very busy right now with my "alter ego" Stick-A-Thing and need to prepare some StickyBags. Check out Stick-A-Thing for my streetart projects. Be prepared and see you on sunday.
Important Links:
Mashed Potato Radio (The radio show website)
JazzDJ (my collegue and host of mashed potato)
Flako (dope beats and my radio guest)
Stick-A-Thing (Streetart project)

Mr Phipson Mashed Potato radio liveset issue 1

05.04.07, 16:02:02 von mrphipson
This was recorded live off Mashed Potato radio stream at April 1st, 2007. Only in 64 kb quality, but it has its charme. Well me and JazzDJ will do a livecast every first sunday of a month. All the goodies inside you know from Mr Phipson, so check this episode out if you missed to listen to the radio stream. Click on Radio NovaLujon to find out more about Mashed Potato. It's all good, so give this one a listen, it was all live streamed from my place in Berlin via London. Mashed Potato will broadcasting for 4 hours and me and JazzDJ have each 2 hours of pure pleasure playing time.

Mashed Potato radio stream on sunday with JazzDJ and Mr Phipson

21.03.07, 18:41:43 von mrphipson
I would like to announce a fresh radio stream I am doing with my friend JazzDJ from UK. It is all on NovaLujonRadio, so check this site out! A live monthly broadcast from London and Berlin only on Nova Lujon Radio with JazzDJ & MrPhipson?first Sunday of every month beginning 1st April, no foolin?, 1800h London / 1900h Berlin - 2200h London / 2300h Berlin. So compare your watches and figure out when it would be at your time. Explorations in Jazz and much more with JDJ and all the goodys
you know from my show, so be prepared and don't miss this one. We'll try to serve the community every first sunday of a month.
Listen now to the livecast!


MP-023 The happy people!

21.02.07, 02:49:25 von mrphipson
The happy people issue! Get prepared for a funky mixed juicy salad. A happy episode with lots of oldschool samba, jazzed up latin joints, brazilian beats'n cuts, drum'n bossa, hippy happy hoppy, Kuduro and all the goodys. It's all good and there's always hope out there. It's just another Mr Phipson joint.
Shoutouts to Mr Tambourine and Edu from Samba do crioulo doido and Favelectrica crew of Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you have tunes for me or questions about the podcast holler at me. It's all good.
Download MP-023 tracklist!

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And the T-Shirt winner is...

15.02.07, 17:18:25 von mrphipson
What a pity, just a few people took part to win the T-Shirt.
Well I proudly announce the winner, Patrick from a little town in Germany won the shirt and two buttons. The second price will go to Warren from Brooklyn, NY - some buttons for you mate.
I just returned from Lisbon, Portugal. I really had a wonderful time there and met very nice people, thanks to Mister Tambourine, Edu and Susie and all the other friends for the hospitality and good vibes. You all should give Portugal and Lisbon a visit, very goody goody. Valeu sangue bom pra tudo.
Be prepared for the next episodes which will come soon. We are going back to the jazzy roots of brazilian music and lets see what's going to happen.

Me in Portugal at Souk Club

MP-022 Baile Funk VS Kuduro Soundsystems

02.02.07, 18:03:23 von mrphipson
Mr Phipson is back in 2007 and keeps it up with the incredible podcast series. This time I digged in all digital crates and created a massive »MixTape«, well mixtape is not really a correct expression cause it ain't a tape but an podcast episode. Enjoy 60 minutes of urban, ghetto sounds from the favelas and shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Angola. I selected two genres of urban pressure sounds from portuguese speakin' countries. Brazilian Baile Funk Carioca meets up with Kuduro from Angola and Lisbon, Portugal. For me both styles are very similiar with attitude and technique, though the sound is way different. Funk Carioca with its typical »tamborzao« (heavy drum sounds) and broken beats fits perfectly in a mix with 4-to-the-floor Kuduro beats. Both styles are produced very often by DJs in bedroom studios (like my podcast radio show ;-)
Kuduro is a kind of mixture between House, Hip Hop and Ragga elemtens, the beats are in a similiar pattern like Reggaeton beats of Panama/Puerto Rico but are much faster and mostly 'round 140 BPM, while Funk Carioca or Baile Funk is around the 130s BPM a little side information for the techy geeks among open minded music friends.




Special thanks to Favela Funk MCs for the Baile Funk sounds from Berlin.
Visit their profile on MySpace!

Shout outs to Mimi for the little artwork, she is a talented street art artist from Rio de Janeiro and creates that little dude with the paperbag on the head! Visit her Flickr account and see some of her arts!

I am playing on Feb. 10, 2007 in a place called Souk in Lisboa, Portugal together with Mister Tambourine. Urban Sportive SuperSoundClash all the funky sounds you know from my podcast show plus Mister Tambourines fresh styles that enriches the whole night. This event is for all the urban souls out there. If you are around Lisbon come and clebrate a nice night with us.
Souk / Rua Marechal nr. 6 / Lisboa, Portugal
Thanks to Samba do Crioulo doido crew for the warm welcome.
Don't miss the Sambo do Crioulo doido Podcast podcast on iTunes!

Here is the tracklist for this episode. If you like this ishhh please let me know and leave a comment. This one hour mix took me days to do, woohaa.

01 Boa noite / DJs Dinho & Fu
02 Bonde do lambe lambe / DJs Dinho & Fu
03 Bucky done gone (Paul Devro Remix) / M.I.A
04 Quer dancar / Favela Funk MCs Berlin
05 Pique ta / O Corrascos
06 Sempre Flamengo / unknown artist (Mr Phipson modified)
07 Vascao 2000 / Dennis DJ
08 Vai lacraia / MC Serginho
09 Montagem joga a mao pra alto
10 Dedinho pro alto / DJ Disconhecido
11 unknown title / Furacaoo 2000
12 Toma juizo menino / MC Galo & Mr Catra
13 Danca do tiriri / unknown artist (Mr Phipson modified)
14 Yah! / Buraka Som Sistema
15 unknown artist / Helder Junior
16 Kultimate Power / DJ NK
17 Kuduro de Partimento / DJ NK
18 Mana danca so / unknown artist
19 Puxada / Buraka Som Systema
20 Puto Prada / unknown artist

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Mr Phipson is back in 2007 - Win a Baile Funk Shirt and find out 'bout Kuduro music from Angola

26.01.07, 04:19:27 von mrphipson
Big ups from the crew - oh lord have mercy. Mr Phipson is fresh for 2007, the sound story continues. More beats and funky tunes for the people all over the world.
Win a unique »Baile Funk« T-Shirt. Yellow print on black American Apparel shirt, size Medium plus two little humble buttons. If you want to get it just send me an e-mail until 1st of february 2007 and write what you like about Mr Phipson's podcast and how you found about it. The listener of the most funky story will get the prize. Send an E-mail to »hallo (at)«
Next episode will feature some crazy Kuduro music from Angola and Lisbon, incredible beats, tellin' ya. Be prepared and stay open minded.

Win this set

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